Proton Nascosto Adaptive Lzr

(Underground imaging and field scanning together)
In addition to its advanced state-of-the-art imaging feature, it also allows you to locate the area by scanning the location of the metal and the cavity at a distance of approximately 15mt – 50mt in a few seconds with its additionally developed area scanning menu.
On the other hand, the area detected by field scanning is presented with 3D imaging system and advanced cesium sensors with high resolution special Reflection 3D software. Apart from good punctuation, discrimination of the object (such as gold, iron, void and tunnel)
PROTON NASCOSTO Archaeological research helps you identify the entrance of rooms, tunnels and passages. It is also suitable for law enforcement to search for objects such as buried corpses and weapons. With a deep sensor, it is possible to increase the depth and provide high resolution and metal separation at the highest performance, and to carry the device in the highest class in an economical way. The device contains a deep sensor and a special tablet computer and a special sensor designed for field scanning in a single carrying case.

This device designed for professional beginners;
Archaeological excavations
Road works and cable pipe detection
Hobby gold burial and treasure industry
• Police (law enforcement) – Searches for corpses – Buried weapons – Other ETY items)
Military area, shelter detection, escape tunnels, passages, eyep items
• Space science industry, from the detection of celestial objects such as; Detection of objects such as meteorites, platinum, zirgon
• Construction industry, lost pipe detection, soil strength tests eg; Detection of objects such as rigid pipes and pipes.
• In municipal legal entities, in the detection of large-scale water leakage, in the detection of plastic and non-plastic pipes, illegal warehouse and petrol station illegal warehouse inspection.