Proton Elic Smart

It is the only product in the world that is unprecedented in thermally sensitive high resolution metal plus space detection of ASV proton series. Elic long R&D results in mind about underground, metal room tunnel wall with a depth of 7 meters to 50 meters in good ground conditions, ask clearly and half in the place of non-metal objects, as well as soil structure and good ground conditions with a range of 150 meters and up to 1000 meters. It can scan very comfortably.

Elic can record indoor, outdoor, day and night shots as well as with satellite coordinates in its menu with the Turkish option at the push of a button. Besides a live view, Elic automatically scans the area to which the device is directed in a very short time. Elıc can scan whenever the vehicle is in motion regardless of the vehicle speed. Elıc also offers the possibility of scanning in helicopters when requested. It is a superior device with many features. Elıc has a battery that can be used for 70 hours.