Proton Elic RB-128 IHA

Domestic Product

After the system collects data from all sensors that can be operated either thermally or magnetically, it sends the data to the computer software via bluetooth, together with the direction information it looks at.

The camera, which is in the center of a sphere in the computer environment, looks at the shell of the sphere from the inside and paints the inner surface of the sphere in the corresponding color according to the sensor information received. This creates an image as the color equivalent of the thermal or magnetic field strength in the direction of view.

This situation corresponds to a separate number for each metal in the software environment and offers the opportunity to distinguish.

Powerful Scan

Proton Elic rb-128 is a new generation Proton Elic series rb-128 has a customized lidar and 64 pxs thermal sensor as well as 4 cesium magnetic multi-sensors and lidar sensors.

Rb-128 has a range of 3000 meters and penetrates to a depth of 50 meters in good soil conditions and correct use. It has a 3d-4d presentation with its own customized program (metal discrimination, depth detection, distance information, and the lidar sensor that calculates the target to punctuate detailed analysis when requested. for (dat-and grid) file translation)