Proton Elic LB-4

Proton elic lb-4 is a new generation proton elic series, lb-4 has 4 customized lidar and 64 pxs thermal sensors as well as 4 cesium magnetic multisensors.
Lb-4 has a range of 1000 meters and penetrates to a depth of 50 meters in good soil conditions and correct use. It has 3d-4d presentation with its own customized program (metal discrimination, depth detection, distance information, and the lidar sensor that calculates the target to punctuate it, detailed analysis when requested. for (-dat-and grıd) file translation)

Lb-4/64 pxs thermal is 64 times more sensitive and more powerful than previous models, and at the same time offers high resolution on a larger screen in seconds.
Lb-4/4 has been developed and provides more powerful and clearer scanning with multiple probes and in a very short time.
Thanks to the Lb-4 / lidar sensor, it increases the clarity with a faster surface recognition, on the other hand, it allows you to walk to the target from a range of 40 meters.
Lb-4 / can easily mark the location of the target with its laser, which is powerful in punctuation.